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The How, Why and What of Executive Summaries - June 8th - London

Invitation to attend this free APMP UK June event in London
The How, Why and What of Executive Summaries
Speaker: Chris Milburn, Shipley
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8 June 2018 – London
The How, Why and What of Executive Summaries
This is another chance to hear Chris’s very successful APMP UK Conference presentation.

The Executive Summary is the foundation of your proposal, so why is it written late, or not at all?
The Executive Summary underpins your business development process. As the interface between sales and the bid team, it conveys the strategy that will win the hearts and minds of your customer. It may be the only document key decision makers read, yet it is often left until last, a poorly written cut and paste which talks about you, not your customer.
This session will introduce a process you can use to guide salespeople through writing an executive summary by answering a series of questions.

Takeaway: Attendees will learn how to get the sales team to write an Executive Summary (or give you the information you need for the task!)

chrismilburnChris Milburn has been a freelance associate with Shipley Limited since September 2006. He joined Shipley full time in 2017 to market its suite of business winning products.
Chris has been an active supporter of APMP UK since he joined in 2007. He was a member of the board from 2010 until 2016 serving as Communication Director, Conference Director (2015) and delivered the first Symposium in 2016.

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Upcoming events

8 June 2018 - WSP Parsons Brinkerhoff, London – Chris Milburn, Executive Summaries

13 June 2018 - Hymans Robertson, Glasgow – Andrew Brookes & Chris Hopkins

September 2018 – Morsons, Manchester – Ceri Topham, Recruiting and Building a Bid Team

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  • What’s in it for me?  This is an opportunity to learn, network with your peers, contribute to the APMP UK chapter and raise your profile within the profession.
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Presentation slides and member reviews from many of our previous meetings and conferences are available here:

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  • The APMP UK Board would like to invite you to submit questions to the Chair, for discussion at our Board Workshops which take place throughout the year.  Please see this link for the dates.  Please email your questions to chair@apmpuk.co.uk

    Opportunity to submit questions to the Board

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to welcome Jon Darby as its new Chapter Chair.

    Jon has over 20 years of business winning experience in the ICT, defence, police, rail and logistics markets with a track record of winning multi £m bids in the public and private sectors. Jon is experienced at leading opportunities through all stages of the bid campaign and has led global bid teams from Italy, Germany, Netherlands to the US. Jon is a certified proposal professional and has served on the APMP UK board as Marketing & PR Director and COO since 2012.

    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 18th January 2018 Appointment of new UK Chapter Chair

  • The APMP UK Chapter is pleased to announce the election of Jon Darby as its new Chief Operating Officer for 2017, following which he will succeed Amanda Nuttall as CEO following completion of her term in January 2018. 


    FINAL PRESS RELEASE 5TH OCTOBER 2017: Appointment of new Chief Operating Officer

  • There's just three months to go until our 15th APMP UK Conference in October, and to celebrate, here's our Top 3 reasons why you should attend:


    Three Months to Go until APMP UK Conference 2017

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    Today is the last day of National Apprenticeship Week.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the insights we’ve shared across social media this week from experienced bid and proposal apprentices, and their employer.  If you missed it, you can catch up on what Charlotte, Vicky and Frank had to say. 

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